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Dog Sledding Tours in Steamboat Springs, CO
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What are the "DRIVE YOUR OWN TEAM" Tours?
The DRIVE YOUR OWN TEAM is a real hands-on active adventure.  You will actually be driving the sled of Alaskan Huskies along our scenic 12.5 mile backcountry trail.   Upon arrival at our kennel, guests are given instruction on how to drive a dog sled then FEEL THE THRILL of standing on the sled runners & driving the team themselves!  We will stop along the trail for photo opportunities of the dogs as well as the amazing views of the Flat Tops, Zirkels, Sleeping Giant, Steamboat Ski Area and much more! When we return from the trip you will have plenty of time to meet and interact with all the dogs giving them hugs and snuggles. You will also enjoy hot chocolate, apple cider, homemade cookies and brownies and even a hot toddy for the adults in our cabin after the tour while we reminisce about the incredible beauty & power of dog sledding.

How many people fit on a sled?

Our "Drive Your Own Team" Tours are typically 2 people per sled.  However, when smaller children are part of your group we will sometimes have 3 in one sled depending on the size and weight of all the guests. One person will start as the driver & the other as the passenger. Half way around the trail if both guests are adults, we will stop & switch so that each person gets a chance to drive the sled if they would like. The guides of Grizzle-T will be in front & behind the dog teams along the trail should anyone need our assistance and to stop you along the way to take pictures.

How long are the "Drive Your Own Team" Tours?

The total duration is 4 hours from pickup to drop off with an ON-SLED TIME of 2 hours.  The emphasis of this tour is the  guests driving the sleds along our private backcountry trail while enjoying the power and grace of their canine athletes.  The additional time is for instruction, interaction with the dogs, enjoying hot coco & brownies after the tour and transportation to and from our site.

What should we wear to go dog sledding?

Guests are responsible for dressing warmly & coming prepared for winter Mountain weather conditions.  We recommend dressing in warm layers with proper winter boots, ski jackets & ski pants (or something water resistant and insulated), winter hats, gloves/mittens, goggles or sunglasses and sunscreen. Don't forget your Camera so you can take lots of pictures!

Why do you need our individual weights? 

Individual weights are important because it helps us determine the number of sled dogs needed to pull each sled. We also need to know individual weights so that we can put together a team of dogs that both people on the sled will be able to drive and stop (so we provide you with the right amount of dog power.... not too much and not too little.  Children’s weights and ages are particularly important

Can you Explain the "Guide Driven" vs the "Drive Your Own Team" South Tour?

​On our South Trail you have the option to "Drive Your Own Team" or take a ride as a passenger in one of our "Guide Driven" dog sleds.  Either option allows you to have a HANDS-ON  experience with the dogs.  Let us show you the thrill of Mushing behind a team of eager Alaskan Huskies. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT as the team is hooked up, then.........YOU"RE OFF along a 7.5 to 9 mile trail located along the shore of Stagecoach Reservior or in the Flat Tops wilderness area just south of Steamboat Springs.  Guests will meet the true athletes before they settle in for a breathtaking ride through the wilderness at the speed of dog. After the ride enjoy hot chocolate & sweets as you reminisce about the incredible beauty & power of dog sledding.  You will have ample photo opportunities with the dogs after the tour and you can even dress up in one of our Iditarod Finishing bibs

What are the Differences between the West & the South Trails?

The West tours are typically all "Drive Your Own Team". The west trail is a little longer (12.5 miles) and a little more sporty; going up and down a bunch of hills, through canyons, across a ravine, ridge lines and through open meadows.  The South Trail (8 miles) will either take you along the shore of Stagecoach Reservoir or into the Flat Tops wilderness area.  We offer both "Drive your own team" or "Guide Driven" Tours on this trail. On the South Trail, guest can help Harness dogs and even help give the dogs snacks after their tour to "thank them" for all their hard work.  Both tour locations are run by Iditarod Mushers and provide amazing scenery.

How long are the SOUTH Tours?
The total duration is 3.5 hours from pickup to drop off with an ON-SLED TIME of An Hour and Fifteen minutes to An Hour and a Half.  The additional time is for instruction, interaction with the dogs, enjoying hot coco & brownies and transportation.

Can we pet the Dogs?

Absolutely - YES & PLEASE DO!  The dogs love to be pet and snuggled on by everyone. They are all very friendly and love the interaction they get with guests every day. They will probably try to give you a few kisses!

Are the dogs friendly?

See Above Answer - YES!  The dogs are very friendly and love interacting with everyone. They get love and affection from us daily and can't wait for someone new to come scratch their ears or pet their belly when they roll over after their run. They will even pose in a few pictures with you.

Can we take Pictures?

Yes, we encourage you to bring a camera (or phone) to take as many pictures as you would like. We only ask that when you are driving your own team that you let someone else be the photographer (your passenger).  We will stop you along the trail in a couple different spots to get your camera from you and take pictures of you and for you.

Do you provide food as part of the tour?

Homemade Cookies and Brownies are provided after the tour along with hot chocolate and apple cider.  We even have a little something to make a hot cocktail for the adults.

Do you have Boots I can Rent?

Yes - we do have a bunch of extra boots that you can borrow at no additional cost.  We want to make sure that you are warm and comfortable on your tour so if you feel you need something warmer than what you brought please feel free to borrow some of ours. 

Do you have extra winter clothing if mine isn't warm enough?

Yes - we do have extra jackets, pants, neck gators, gloves and mittens to borrow but please dress warmly and in layers like you would to go skiing. We have some extra gear but not enough for everyone.

** Please arrive Dressed and ready to go on your tour**

What is your cancelation policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for groups of 4 or less and a 72 hour cancellation policy for groups of 5 or more.  Changes or cancellations made more than 48 or 72 hours (depending on group size) prior to your scheduled tour will have no cancellation fee. Changes or cancellations made within 48 or 72 hours (depending on group size) of your scheduled tour will have FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED and will be charged to the credit card on file that was provided at the time of booking your reservation.  Cancellations must be made by phone at 970-870-1782.