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Kris Hoffman:  I am a dog sledding guide, Iditarod Musher and race veteran.  I moved to Steamboat in 1996 to spend my winters skiing and my summers traveling and guiding backpacking, kayaking and climbing trips.  In 2000, I started mushing and life has gone to the dogs ever since. For the last 14+ years I have owned and operated Grizzle-T Dog & Sled Works. I love going to work every day with my best friends; the dogs and my wife, Sara.
Sharing this "Forgotten Way of Life" with all our guests is such a reward and seeing the joy on their faces when they step on the runners for the first time is priceless.

Sara Hoffman:  I have been guiding and mushing with Grizzle-T since 2003 when I met my husband Kris and he introduced me to this amazing life that is dog sledding. Along with Kris and all our amazing guides, I love interacting with all the guests and sharing with everyone the pure joy that is dog sledding. The dogs are part of our family in addition to our daughter Hadley (2 yr) and our newest musher Hunter (3 months born October 2016).  Hadley loves and is loved by all her furry brothers and sisters and can't wait to introduce them all to you!

Tom Thurston:  Tom is a 4 time Iditarod Musher and race veteran who has been racing, breeding and loving Alaskan Husky Sled dogs since 2004.  Tom manages the South Tours with his team of Alaskan huskies from his kennel, Double T Kennel.  Tom's story started in the back country of Routt County, Colorado where he just wanting to go winter camping and do some non- motorized traveling with a few of my best friends (dogs). This turned into tens of thousands of miles of training and racing over a decade, including race victories, veterinary awards, sportsmanship awards and 4 trips up the Iditarod trail.  Now my focus is sharing this passion with our clients, introducing them to our dogs, sharing the history and heritage of the dogs as well as teaching them how to harness, hook up and run a dog team in the Rocky Mountains. The greatest part about this job is hearing from our clients that this is the greatest experience of their lives.

John Lagow:  John has been a guiding with Grizzle-T since 2007.  John was born in the great state of Minnesota.  As a small child his parents helped a local musher with his dogs and racing.  Sure enough his love for dogs continued into his adult life.  The thing he loves the most is working side by side with some of his best friends. When John isn't at Grizzle-T he is traveling around the country guiding raft trips and playing on rivers. 

Ashley Rados:​  Ashley has been guiding with Grizzle-T since 2013.  Ashley is from Buffalo, New York.  When she's not busy loving on all our huskies and teaching guests how to drive their dog sleds she can be found guiding river trips or doing arts and crafts. Her favorite dogs are the shy ones; Peter and Penny

John Hogan:  John has been guiding with Grizzle-T since 2013.  Whether he was living in MA, CT, OH, Chicago or Nederland, CO, dogs have always been an integral part Hogan's life.  Before moving to CO in 2006, Hogan helped open Chicago's premier canine facility (stay. a modern dog hotel) in the North-side neighborhood of Ravenswood. John's an upbeat optimist and a rabid sports fan… all sports. Prior to our dogsledding season he works for the turfgrass department at Haymaker Golf Course and is a Gunrunner for Steamboat Mountain's Snowmaking Department. John lives in Oak Creek with his wife Joy and their 10-yr old Sharpei; Kioko and 8-yr old German Shepherd; Turtle and John's 32-yr old (yes 32) African aquatic frog; Boing Boing.
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About Us:

Grizzle-T Dog Sledding is family owned & operated by Iditarod Musher, Kris Hoffman and his wife Sara.  Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, we are a kennel with a 34 year history of racing & breeding Alaskan Huskies for the Iditarod.

Our Dogs / The Athletes: 
Alaskan Huskies are friendly and energetic. Bred for speed, strength, and endurance, they are some of the world’s most talented athletes. Properly conditioned and with state-of-the-art nutrition, these dogs can run over 150 miles a day across some of the most unforgiving frozen terrain on earth. Sled dogs thrive in the cold of winter and love the snow!

We love being able to share this amazing sport and “forgotten way of life” with all of our guests. It is so rewarding to see the smile on someone’s face as they learn how to drive their own dog team and experience the thrill that is Dog Sledding.

Come join us for the experience of a lifetime!
Kris & Sara

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